Rate Notices

Go Green. Go Electronic. Receive your rates via email. 

Register for electronic rate notices via email or your online banking.

A new 87 cent charge for a hardcopy rate notice has been introduced by Council to encourage the electronic distribution of rates, provide convenience for ratepayers, allow delivery of notices in a timely manner, save paper and reduce waste.  eNotices (the new electronic delivery of rates notices) will make it easier to manage rate payments and your rate notices will be accessible on any computer or mobile device anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  To register for eNotices please visit www.burnside.sa.gov.au and refer to your 1st instalment rate notice for your eNotice reference number to avoid the 87 cent charge. 

Ratepayers who hold a concession/seniors card and cannot access the internet, can however request for this fee to be waived. This can be done via the following methods:

  • In writing to PO Box 9, Glenside SA 5065 (please include a photocopy of your card);
  • Via email to the burnside@burnside.sa.gov.au email address (please include a scanned copy of your card); or
  • By visiting the front counter and customer service staff sighting the card.

This request will take effect from the next instalment notice received.