Composting is an effective means of diverting "waste" from landfill, and is great for use on gardens as an organic soil conditioner to add nutrients and improve soil characteristics. Materials suitable for composting include food scraps, garden prunings and small quantities of paper/cardboard.

Kitchen Organics Compost Bin

The City of Burnside provides each household with a bench-top Kitchen Organics Basket and an annual supply of 150 compostable bags. For more information see the 3 Bins & a Basket page.

Compost Products

A range of composting products are sold through Council and are listed below. These are provided to encourage residents to help reduce organic matter going to landfill. Council does not make any profit from the sale of these products as they are sold at cost price.

  • 220L Black Gedye Compost Bin $36.00 inc GST - (pictured)
  • Compost Aerator $16.00 inc GST (stainless steel)
  • Compost Mate $14.00 inc GST (powder coated steel aerator)

For more information on home composting, please have a look at our Easy Guide to Better Composting(PDF, 102KB).

Autumn Leaves

Not sure how to correctly dispose of all the leaves that Autumn leaves? Please have a look at our Autumn Leaves Composting Guide(PDF, 1MB) .