Mobile Phone Recycling

The City of Burnside in partnership with Clean Up Australia and Aussie Recycling Program has a mobile phone recycling service called Clean Up Mobile Phones Campaign.

Clean Up Mobile Phones

In Australia alone, there is an estimated 14 million un-used handsets, all of which could be recycled or possibly re-used.

Many of us upgrade our mobile phones in line with the mobile phone technology improvements, and therefore end up with a mobile phone or two which we no longer need or use. The Clean Up Mobile Phones Campaign aims to encourage Australian's to donate their un-wanted mobile phones to Clean Up Australia, where the mobile phones will either be recycled or reused in partnership with the Aussie Recycling Program.

Residents can drop off unwanted mobile phone, along with its battery, charger and SIM Card (please remove private information first) in the recycling bin at the following collection point:

The Burnside Library
401 Greenhill Road
Tusmore SA 5065

There is no charge for you to recycle your phone!

Many components of mobile phones are considered toxic and are not biodegradable. However, over 90% of the plastics and metals in mobile phones, their batteries and accessories can be recovered and used as raw materials to make new products. For example, 300 grams of gold can be recovered from approximately 1 tonne of recycled mobile phones. This amount of gold extracted saves mining 110 tonnes of gold ore.

For every phone collected, Clean Up Australia will receive up to $3 to use for environmental projects around Australia. Phones that are in good condition will be sent to developing countries to help provide affordable access to telecommunications.