Help with your spring clean

Published on 29 September 2017

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Preparing for your ‘spring clean’ or getting ready for the summer and holiday season?  

For rubbish that can’t go into your regular kerbside bins book your hard waste collection now!

The City of Burnside and our collection partner, East Waste, offer an At-call Hard Waste collection service that allows you to book a collection time that is convenient for you. Due to high demand from the community your pick-up will occur within 4 weeks from the date of your call.

You are entitled to one FREE pick-up per year and you can book at any time of the year by calling East Waste on 8347 5111, or go online at

When you book your collection with East Waste you will be provided with a sticker to place on the items you want collected.

What do I do with items not accepted as hard waste?

All residents can play an active role in sorting hard waste for recycling before their service occurs by checking out Council’s A-Z Domestic Waste Disposal Guide, especially for what will be accepted for hard waste collections, and what you can do with items that are not ‘hard waste’.

What happens on pick-up day?

Place your hard waste items on the kerbside the night prior to your collection or before 6 am on the collection day.

Hard waste not salvaged or saved will be disposed of at an alternative fuel facility; processing the hard waste into an engineered fuel product used to fire the kilns at Adelaide Brighton Cement, replacing the use of non-renewable fossil fuel.

Using the hard waste service is an environmentally responsible way of reducing landfill and meeting the needs of our community.