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What is volunteering?

  • Undertaken of your own free will
  • For no monetary reward
  • Does not take the place of paid workers, but complements the services that they provide

Through volunteering, you can:

  • Have the opportunity to contribute
  • Learn new skills and gain confidence
  • Be a significant part of a team
  • Make new friends
  • Have fun
  • Help promote awareness of the needs and services in our community
  • Gain satisfaction in the knowledge that volunteering really does make a difference

What can I do?

View the Current Vacancies below.

For more information on the variety of volunteering opportunities within the City of Burnside, download the brochure(PDF, 167KB).

How do I apply?

  1. Download the Volunteer Application Form(PDF, 84KB).
  2. Please complete the form, then print off and sign the declaration. Ensure you complete all sections of the application.
  3. Return your application:
    1. post to:

      Coordinator of Volunteers
      City of Burnside
      PO Box 9
      Glenside SA 5065; or

    2. attach your Volunteer Application Form and send it to volunteer@burnside.sa.gov.au; or
    3. in person to the Customer Service Desk in the Council Civic Centre. Do not return to the Library or Community Centre.
  4. You will be contacted after this to discuss your application.
  5. Current vacancies are matched to your skills and experience.
  6. General orientation and induction is provided prior to commencement.
  7. Specific training is then undertaken within the volunteer program for which you have been recruited.

Application forms are also available from the Council Customer Service Desk, Burnside Community Centre and Burnside Library.

If you would like information regarding current vacancies and the volunteer recruitment process please contact the People and Culture Volunteer Coordinator on 8366 4284 or email volunteer@burnside.sa.gov.au

Please note that if you wish to apply for an advertised vacant volunteer role, you will need to contact the referred staff member listed for that role.

General information

  • Community Learning programs: 8366 4280
  • Community Centre programs: 8366 4232
  • 3Rs programs: 8366 4142
  • Biodiversity: 8366 4267
  • Pepper Street Arts Centre: 8364 6154
  • Graffiti Removal: 8366 4256
  • Community Transport: 8366 4222
  • Youth programs: 8366 4109