Office of the CEO

Responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer

The Local Government Act requires Councils to appoint a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is the senior member of the staff and is responsible for seeing that the policies of the Council are implemented.

Elected members and staff in a Council are a team who work together to meet the Council's obligations.

The staff, through the CEO, provide input into the decision-making process of the elected members by providing advice and information based on their specialist skills and knowledge.

The CEO also has a responsibility to act as an adviser to the elected members and to ensure that the Council acts within the law.

The Local Government Act gives the CEO responsibility:

  • To execute Council decisions
  • For the efficient and effective management of its operations
  • To ensure that there is satisfactory human resource management
  • For the development and implementation of management and financial plans and control
  • For staff development and training 

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Cowley
  • Name
    Chris Cowley

  • Telephone(08) 8366 4200
  • Email
  • Functions
  • Elected Member Administration & Support
    Executive Team Administration & Support
    Council & Committee Agendas & Minutes
    Elected Member Workshop Coordination