Property Strategy

The Property Strategy relates to many of the Strategic Plan provisions including “Conservation and enhancement of the historic character of the City.” In recognising the significant role community facilities play in the social wellbeing of its population, the Property Strategy has been developed in line with Council’s Strategic Plan.

The purpose of the Property Strategy is to provide Council with a strategic and long-term direction to meet the existing and future needs of the community, taking into account the adequacy of current community facilities, legal requirements, community expectations, exposure to risk and the availability of resources. The Strategy also seeks to guide Council in the future acquisition and/or disposal of specific assets that may be surplus to requirements or not meeting the needs of the community into the future.

Council owns and operates over 150 facilities (buildings and assets/land) across the City of Burnside. The property portfolio is diverse and dynamic. These buildings and sites are generally well used, maintained and valued by their local communities. The activities on offer cater for all age ranges and interests, from early childhood to over 50s clubs, art classes, bowls, drama, dance and so on.

The Property Strategy is a criteria based framework assessment tool which is high-level and consistent with Council Strategies and Asset Management Plans. It aims to meet the needs of the community in a safe, environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner by:

  • Reducing the demand for new facilities through consideration of alternative service delivery opportunities.
  • Maximising the service potential of current facilities by ensuring they are correctly used, maintained and fit for purpose.
  • Analysing the impact of existing and forecasted demographic trends on current and future community needs.
  • Analysing the extent to which all available community facilities meet the overall community needs of the City of Burnside.
  • Ensuring the management of all Council operations take an organisational approach and ensure all essential strategies are considered.

So that these outcomes are achieved, the Property Strategy necessitates rational and repeatable decision making which is delivered through the Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) component of the Property Strategy. Using variable criteria of condition, utilisation, collective utility and stakeholder interest, the MCDA provides a current view of the asset status as an overall score and indicates the most effective type of intervention.

The Property Strategy has been structured as a two tiered document, with the first section identifying the challenges faced by the City of Burnside in ensuring that its property portfolio can deliver appropriate levels of service now and in the future, and the second interrelated and supporting document being the Property Strategy Priority List (Priority List), whereby all properties requiring priority attention are identified, and specifying a timeframe for consideration of each individual facility by Council.

Council will be presented with individual reports on each asset as per the listed timeframe. Recommendations will consider the appropriate and equitable consolidation, rationalisation, disposal, upgrade, reconfiguration and/or acquisition of social infrastructure to meet the existing and projected needs of the community of the City of Burnside.

To view the Property Strategy, please see the Related Information below. Information on the Strategic Community Plan, ‘Be the Future of Burnside 2025’ can be found on our website.