Annual Report

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Our Vision is to be renowned for our City’s green and leafy character and unique integrated urban form, and to be highly regarded for our sense of community spirit, support for one another, social diversity and commitment to the environment.

2018/19 Annual Report

2018/19 Annual Report(PDF, 16MB)

2017/18 Annual Report

2017/18 Annual Report(PDF, 23MB)

2016/17 Annual Report

2016/17 Annual Report (including financials and subsidiaries)(PDF, 9MB)

2015/16 Annual Report

2015/16 Annual Report(PDF, 2MB)

2015/16 Financial Reports(PDF, 2MB)

2015/16 Subsidiary Reports(PDF, 11MB)

2014/15 Annual Report

2014/15 Annual Report(PDF, 2MB)

2014/15 Financial Reports(PDF, 11MB)

2014/15 Subsidiary Reports(PDF, 7MB)

2013/14 Annual Report

2013/14 Annual Report(PDF, 16MB)

2012/13 Annual Report

2012/13 Annual Report(PDF, 14MB)

2011/12 Annual Report

2011/12 Annual Report(PDF, 20MB)

2010/11 Annual Report

2010/11 Annual Report (abridged)(PDF, 7MB)

2010/11 Annual Report: Governance, Financial and Subsidiaries Report(PDF, 29MB)

2009/10 Annual Report

2009/10 Annual Report(PDF, 11MB)

2009/10 Annual Financial Statements(PDF, 1MB)

2009/10 East Waste Annual Report(PDF, 645KB)

2009/10 Eastern Health Authority Annual Report(PDF, 17MB)

2009/10 Highbury Landfill Authority Annual Report(PDF, 2MB)

2008/09 Annual Repor

2008/09 Annual Activity Report(PDF, 4MB)

2008/09 Annual Financial Report(PDF, 2MB)

2008/09 Annual Subsidiaries Report(PDF, 5MB)

2007/08 Annual Report

2007/08 Annual Report(PDF, 4MB)

2007/08 Annual Financial Report(PDF, 3MB)

2007/08 Annual Subsidiaries Report(PDF, 6MB)