Community Land Management Plans


What is Community Land?

Community Land is one type of Council public land. Land that Council owns must be classified, under the Local Government Act, as either "community" or "operational" land.

Operational land has no special management restrictions other than those that may apply to any piece of land. Community Land is reserved for community use. Classification as Community Land reflects the importance of the land to the community because of its use or special features and must be managed according to special guidelines in the Local Government Act. Community land is generally defined as land intended for public access and use, or where there are restrictions applying to the land that create some obligation to maintain public access. It will ordinarily comprise land such as a public park.

Community Land:

  • Cannot be sold,
  • Cannot be leased or licensed for more than 42 years, and
  • Must have a Management Plan prepared for it, or applying to it.

Community land is recognised as an important component of the urban environment, providing opportunities for recreation and leisure and a CLMP provides a framework within which Council can develop a balanced response to current opportunities and address future pressures in respect thereof.

Community Land Management Plans (CLMPs) were adopted by Council on 27 September 2016 (Resolution C10851).

Community Land Management Plans

CLMPs identify clear objectives and establishes directions for planning, resource management and maintenance of Community Land.

CLMPs clarify direction, both to Council staff and the general public. The CLMPs assist assigning priorities in works programming and budgeting. Often identical objectives and performance measures will apply to the majority of land within each category enabling a generic approach to the preparation of the CLMPs.

  • Are prepared by Council in consultation with the community, other stakeholders and relevant agencies;
  • Identify the important features of the land;
  • Clarify how Council will manage the land; and
  • Indicate how the land may be used or developed.

Community Land Management Plans for download:

Categories of Community Land

Community Land must also be categorised according to its function. Categorisation is an effective way in which to focus on the essential aspects of each area of land. Community land must be managed in accordance with the core objectives for the relevant category which apply as a result of the legislation and are not optional.

The different categories which may apply to community land are:

  • Neighbourhood Parks
  • Pocket Parks
  • Local Sports & Recreation areas
  • Special Features Reserves
  • Hills Face Reserves
  • Drainage Reserves
  • Walkways & Screening Reserves
  • Community Centres
  • Magill Cemetery
  • Kindergartens
  • Car Parks

Site specific CLMPs are prepared where issues for a particular site are more complex. Site specific CLMPs have been prepared for:

  • Tusmore Park
  • Hazelwood Park
  • Kensington Gardens Reserve
  • Kensington Park Reserve

How much Community Land does Council manage?

Council manages over 200 hectares of land in more than 200 Community Land reserves.

Community Land Register

Community Land Register (with lessee details)(PDF, 289KB)

The Community Land Register is also available for inspection (without charge) at the Customer Service desk.

Community Land Register Exclusions

On 20 March 2001, Council resolved that it exclude seven properties from Community Land classification.

Table 1: Community Land Excluded:

  1. Civic Centre Site - 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore
  2. Glynburn Road Depot - 528-534 Glynburn Road, Burnside
  3. Conynham Street Depot - 6 Conynham Street, Glenside
  4. Chelsea Theatre & House (39 May Tce) along with Uxbridge St carparks - 275 Kensington Road, Kensington Park, 39 May Terrace, Kensington Park, 43 Uxbridge Street, Kensington Park
  5. Magill Community Centre (Pepper Street Gallery and Offices) - 558 Magill Road, Magill
  6. Burnside Village Shopping Centre car park - 437 Portrush Road, Glenside

More Information

Please contact the Open Space, Recreation and Property Department on (08) 8366 4200 if you would like more information or would like to view a copy of a community land management plan.