Open Space Strategy

The City of Burnside has a rich history that is expressed in its landscapes, external spaces and urban form. The topography, land use and vegetation combine to define and influence the landscape character of the City, creating a diverse and distinctive place. These features create appealing and distinctive open spaces and streetscapes, which significantly enhance the appeal and liveability of the City.

The City of Burnside has become a premier place to live because of its distinctive character and unique features. Open space planning and management must aim to retain and strengthen this character to add to the liveability of The Place.

There are a number of important reasons for developing an Open Space Strategy that will benefit Council and its community in the future. There is always potential for some improvement of open space given that infrastructure will age over time and community needs could change. It is essential to understand the issues and community needs and to formalise any works and projects that should be undertaken in the future.

A Strategy will enable Council to determine the priorities and achieve future improvements in a strategic manner. This will ensure that resources are appropriately allocated to achieve the greatest benefit to the community. Given the City of Burnside has significant parks and reserves that are highly valued and well used by the community, it is essential to appropriately maintain and where required enhance this open space.

Directions that strategically guide the future development and management of significant parks and reserves are essential to ensure these resources continue to benefit the community. It is important to identify any needs that are not well catered for in the City and consider how they can best be addressed. This enables Council to adopt strategic approaches rather than knee jerk responses to community requests. A Strategy will enable Council to understand the gaps and determine a strategic response and rationale.

The Strategy will assist Council to strategically respond to the changing environment including climate change and the increasing importance being placed State wide and nationally on water and environmental management. It will provide Council with a basis for seeking grant funding and establishing strategic alliances. It will enable Council to strengthen funding and partnerships.

The following strategy is broken down into three distinctive sections that address the strategic issues presented to the Council and its residents. The document is easily read and provides a sound understanding of where Council is with open space provision in the City and what is required to continue to develop and expand the quality and diversity of the City's Open Space.

Please contact the Open Space, Recreation and Property Department on (08) 8366 4200 if you would like more information.