Strategic Community Plan

City of Burnside’s long term strategic community plan, 'Be the Future of Burnside 2016-2026', is our shared vision for the future of Burnside. It sets out a Vision for our City for the next 10 years and gives directions to guide Council and the community towards achieving it.

The Plan highlights what is important, anticipating the many challenges that are likely to occur. This will guide the delivery of the Council's and its community's shared vision.

In 2026, our community will be defined by the statement:

Established and renowned for its heritage and character, green leafy streets and open spaces, Burnside is an urban oasis.

It has a collaborative, diverse and accepting community, that together with Council, works towards building upon Burnside's historic and traditional foundations to deliver a progressive and contemporary City cognisant of its past.

How this Plan was prepared

This review of the Strategic Community Plan has involved research on the City trends, forecast demographics, alignment to the South Australian Strategic Plan and input from the community, Elected Members of Burnside and staff.

The success of this plan is the responsibility of the whole community and you are encouraged to actively participate in achieving a place and city that we will all be proud of.

For Council, areas identified within the Plan will inform and provide direction for the Burnside Corporate Plan which in turn will inform key strategic planning documents for Council. The Plan will guide the annual business plan and budget process.