Commonwealth Home Support Programme

About the City of Burnside Home Support Program

The City of Burnside’s Home Support Program supports older people and younger people with disabilities – and their carers – by providing services to assist them to live independently in the community, including to develop and maintain important social networks.

Key services delivered by the Home Support Program include:

  • Home Support – Cleaning, Shopping Assistance, Home Maintenance, Home Modifications, Respite and Personal Care
  • Social Support Groups - 3Rs (Respite, Recreation and Revitalisation) Program, Come and Try, Bus Trips, Knitting Group, FYI café, Community Information Sessions
  • Men’s Social Inclusion Programs – Men’s Shed, Men’s Breakfast, Gents Day Out
  • Community Transport Program – Bus and car service.. 

Aged care in the community

Support for older people in the community is funded through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).  There is now one central starting point for all older people across Australia to access basic community support services and more complex community care packages or residential care.

The central contact centre is called ‘My Aged Care (MAC)’. To access all community aged care services people must first contact MAC.  This is where the registration and assessment process begins.

For people under the age of 65, the City of Burnside has some HACC funding to assist those with a disability.  Prospective clients can contact the Home Support team to discuss their needs.  A MAC referral is not required for people under 65 years of age.

How does My Aged Care work?

My Aged Care is both a contact centre and a referral point. When you contact My Aged Care for the first time, three things can happen:

  1. If you only need a basic service, your registration will be completed over the phone and a referral sent to your ‘preferred provider’ through an independent body called a Regional Assessment Service (RAS), or
  2. Your registration with My Aged Care may indicate you need a Home Support Assessment by the RAS to access entry level services with your ‘preferred provider’, or
  3. If you require more complex care, My Aged Care will arrange for you to meet with an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to help work out more complex packages of home care (there are four levels) or access to residential care.

Naming a ‘preferred provider’

Naming a preferred provider is about you having choice. You can nominate City of Burnside as your preferred provider or, if you want, name another organisation.

If you do not nominate a preferred provider, you will be referred to any organisation in your local area that is able to deliver the service. There is another option, where you will be given a Referral Code. You can then take this code to find your own provider.

How do you contact My Aged Care?

There are three ways to start the registration process with My Aged Care:

  1. Telephone toll free on 1800 200 422 (weekdays 8am to 8pm and Saturdays 10am to 2pm),
  2. Use My Aged Care’s interactive website, or
  3. Be referred by a service provider (such as City of Burnside).

Still unsure? We can help

Our Home Support Program staff can help you to contact My Aged Care by phone or online – or, if you would like, we can streamline the process by liaising with My Aged Care on your behalf.

With some basic information, we can start the registration process. You may then be contacted by a representative from My Aged Care at a time convenient to you and, if an assessment is necessary, they will arrange it for you.

As your preferred provider, we can work directly with you to ensure the support and services delivered through the City of Burnside Home Support Program is flexible and matches your needs. 

For more information

If you use the internet and would like more detailed information about how My Aged Care works, or want information about complex Home Care Packages or Residential Care, the My Aged Care Website at has comprehensive information that is easy to follow.

For more information please phone Home Support on 8366 4227

Commonwealth Home Support Programme Documents

Client Information Booklet 2018-19.pdf(PDF, 2MB)
Client Contribution Schedule-2019/20.pdf(PDF, 589KB)
Charter of Aged Care Rights.pdf(PDF, 166KB)

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme has 3 key programs: