Daily Moves Program Sold Out!

Daily Moves Program

Please note: The Daily Moves Home Exercise kits have SOLD OUT!  We will be sure to update the public is receive extra packs! 

The Daily Moves program at the City of Unley in conjunction with the City of Burnside is offering free Home Exercise Kits, to people over 65 living in the Burnside region.

The Home Exercise Kit provides ideas, inspiration and information to enable people to be active at home and outdoors. 

Daily movement can go a long way to maintaining independence, preventing frailty, managing chronic pain, lifting our mood, along with many other benefits.

The Daily Moves Program offers a range of free support to people over 65 living in the Eastern Adelaide region. If you would like a kit delivered to you for free please contact:

Matt Moody, Facilitator Group Social Support at City of Burnside
8366 4144