Perspective: Norwood Morialta High School Exhibition Launch

28 October 2016

The exhibition launch was on 28 October from 3 – 5 pm. In 2016, art, design and media students looked at a range of themes to express themselves in the many disciplines of the visual arts. They were challenged and encouraged to view the world from different perspectives and have an open mind to a rapidly changing society, while being encouraged to use mediums creatively and exploring their identity and how it relates to the wider culture of the contemporary world. Students were encouraged by their teachers to use their imagination in their studio-based practice to create meaningful and skilfully produced work. They were also inspired by contemporary and historical artists’ work. The disciplines used include painting, sculpture, digital media, design and multi-modal works. The exhibition was a great educational project for the students as it connected them with their community and gave them an understanding of the role of the visual arts beyond the school environment.