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engage.burnside is designed to give you, your friends, colleagues and neighbours the opportunity to have a say on important issues and projects that shape our community. By participating in engage.burnside you will contribute to strengthening our community and assist the City of Burnside in making important decisions.

engage.burnside is like a big public meeting which everyone can attend and have their say. It gives you the opportunity to access information, read the discussions, join in the conversation and add your ideas and feedback when and where it suits you – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We encourage you to join engage.burnside so you can add your comments and ideas to our Current Engagements. We also invite you to let us know what ideas you have to enrich and improve our community. Email us your thoughts.

Engage with us Burnside and Have Your Say!

Community Engagement

The City of Burnside has long held a strong commitment to open, participatory and transparent community engagement and a desire for the community to be informed of, to be consulted with, and be involved in, Council’s direction and decision making processes.

Community engagement is a planned process and is a key tool in understanding the community’s needs, expectations and opinions, providing information and improving Council’s research and business performance. It is undertaken to inform Council’s decision making. Council will seek to achieve understanding and involvement with those affected by our decision making through participation ranging from informing and consulting to involving the community.

Burnside Council has a Community Engagement (Public Consultation) Policy that aims to achieve a best practice standard on all community engagement issues. The City of Burnside's community engagement approach is defined in the Communications and Community Engagement Strategy(PDF, 1MB) (see link below to read this Strategy).

Our Strategic Direction is to be engaging, open and approachable, to listen to and be representative of our community’s views, to act on their behalf in the best interest of our City.

To view the City of Burnside's community engagements please visit engage.burnside.

E News

Burnside E News is a new initiative to keep our community up-to-date on what is happening at Council.

To receive the monthly Burnside E News you must register on engage.burnsideEveryone who registers will receive the E News.

You can also view past E News here.

Please note that you can also engage with Council in writing on any topic to:

The City of Burnside, Reply Paid 9, Glenside SA 5065