Eastern Metro Community Passenger Network

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The Eastern Metro CPN creates a link between people who require transport with those people who provide transport.

Eastern Metro CPN has been set up to act as a link between people who require transport with those who provide transport. The Eastern Metro CPN acts as a central point of contact for transport information for residents on the eastern side of Adelaide.

The Eastern Metro CPN can provide information on local bus, taxi, tram, coach and community transport services available to residents living in the council areas of Unley, Burnside, Norwood, Payneham and St Peters, Prospect, Walkerville, and Campbelltown. The type of information Eastern Metro CPN can provide includes contact details for local service providers, fares and ticketing, subsidies and concessions, areas serviced and routes, timetables, wheelchair accessibility and eligibility of service options. This information service can be used by all looking to travel within these council areas by contacting the Eastern Metro CPN.

The CPN also works closely with local transport providers to help coordinate transport services for eligible transport disadvantaged residents*, helping them to get to where they need to go. This can include booking and providing transport to attend a social activity, medical appointment or to visit family or friends. Assistance with changing appointments and transport trips can also be arranged on behalf of eligible residents when needed.

*Each applicant must be assessed to determine their level of need prior to transport. Staff are then able to direct each client to the relevant transport option for the client. When determining whether clients are eligible, consideration is given to: existing social support (friends and family), health needs and available services within the client’s region. Assessment can be done over the phone.

Important Information

  • Transport services providers criteria may vary
  • Provision of transport will be based on the priority of needs and availability of resources
  • Most transport providers will require a fee, which will vary depending on the type of service provided

For more information, details on services available, or to book a trip please phone the Eastern Metro CPN on 8372 5472.

The Eastern Metro CPN is being funded by the Home and Community Care (HACC) Program through the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion and Departure of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.