Multicultural Flagpole

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A vibrant and diverse community that values, supports and creates a sense of belonging for its people.

A flag pole is being made available to display flags of different nations on specific occasions. The City of Burnside invites you to nominate a day of celebration or recognition for your country and to provide the City of Burnside with a flag to be flown during this period.

A flagpole designated to flying national flags will celebrate the multicultural society that is Australia and is seen as recognising the differing nationalities represented within the City of Burnside and honouring the contribution made to the community.

The following is to be observed in accordance with the City of Burnside's Flag Flying Policy(PDF, 241KB):

  • Official Countries (as recognised by DFAT) will have the opportunity to submit a flag to be flown on significant dates of celebration, recognition or remembrance.
  • To ensure fairness and consistency, each Country will be limited to one day of recognition per calendar year, and that date is to be nominated by the individual Consulate or Society.
  • All bookings will be made through the City of Burnside Administration (on a first come first served basis).
  • The Aboriginal flag is to be flown during times of significance, (acknowledged by the Australian Federal Government), to the Indigenous community.
  • The City of Burnside will not supply any of the flags (except those which are already in stock). The particular nation's society is to provide the flag to be flown by the City of Burnside.
  • The flag will be flown on the official date of the day of celebration only.
  • At all times the Australian flag will be flown to the left of the other flag.
  • Should a request be made to fly a flag which is not recognised as an official holiday for the applying Country, or an application is made from a Country not recognised by the DFAT, a request should be made to the City of Burnside CEO for consideration.
  • The City of Burnside website will advertise this service and will also provide details of the particular flag being flown at that time.

At the discretion of the City of Burnside CEO, there will be occasions when it is deemed to be appropriate to display flags of South Australian sporting teams who qualify or participate in major events. The multicultural flagpole is to be used for these occasions to encourage state pride.

Flag Requirements

Flag needs to be no bigger than 1.5 metres high x 2.7 metres long and be attachable by two connectors, 1.450 metres apart.

Please forward flag to the Customer Service Desk at the Council's Civic Centre at least one week before date of specific occasion.

Application to use the Multicultural Flagpole

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