Community Library Service


Traditionally the Home Library Service was only available to residents who were unable to visit the Burnside Library due to age, disability or health problems. Baby boomers have changed the rules for aging, with fewer people experiencing health problems or disability and many continuing to live with fabulous health into their old age. As a result fewer people have been utilizing our fantastic Home Library Service and this has challenged our views of how we offer this service.

The Home Library Service has now become the Community Library Service!

While the main focus of the mobile service will remain looking after our frail and elderly residents' library needs, we have extended the service to other members of our community. This means that any member of the library can approach the van while it's out and about to borrow and return library items. Books, magazines and a small collection of CDs and DVDs are available. Accessing the Community Library will not affect access to the main library and will no longer preclude traditional Home library users from coming to the main library at any time.

The Community Library Service is provided by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers and you are guaranteed a warm welcome. Ask one of our friendly staff for more information.

For more information, please contact:

Community Library Service Coordinator
City of Burnside Library Service
401 Greenhill Road
Phone : (08) 8366 4280