Immunisation is a proven, safe and effective way of protecting children and the community against harmful diseases. After all, the higher the immunisation rates, the healthier the community.

Eastern Health Authority (EHA) provides immunisation programs on behalf of the City of Burnside. Vaccines on the National Immunisation Program are provided free of charge for those with a Medicare Card. Other vaccines are available for a fee. 

For a full list of all clinic locations and times download the current EHA Immunisation Clinic Timetable(PDF, 467KB)Bookings are essential and can be made online or by phone on 8132 3600. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the immunisation session?

Please bring your child's Personal Health Record book and Medicare Card.

Do you have the Meningococcal B vaccine?

A vaccine against Meningococcal B is available on the private market. EHA currently has stock of this vaccine called Bexsero. This vaccine can be commenced from 6 weeks of age.

What do I do if I require a catch up immunisation?

If you live in one of the Constituent Council areas, and have missed any scheduled vaccinations, or have been vaccinated elsewhere in Australia or overseas, EHA can assess your records and schedule any vaccinations that are due.

All you have to do is fill in the form, located below and provide a copy of all previous Immunisation History in English or translated English and return to the Eastern Health Authority.

Flu Vaccines

The Eastern Health Authority offer flu vaccines generally from April to December each year, for a fee.

Please book an appointment online for one of their Flu Clinics or to attend one of their Public Clinics.

If you are pregnant, aged over 65, suffer from certain chronic conditions or are Aboriginal younger than 5 or older than 15, you are eligible for free flu vaccinations as part of the Annual Influenza Program. For more information, please visit the SA Health website.

Can I bring my own vaccines?

In some cases a medical practitioner will complete a script for a vaccine so that the individual can purchase the medication and arrange the vaccination at their convenience. Vaccines purchased under these circumstances are not able to be administered by the EHA Immunisation Nurses as they have not been stored under the control of their offices.

Most vaccines are able to be provided to you by the EHA if you provide the script to them. Contact the EHA to discuss which vaccine your GP has recommended and if they can assist you.