Residential Parking Permits



Residents in restricted parking streets are eligible for two permits, allocated to specific vehicles, and one transferable permit for use by visitors, family and tradespeople. 

The Parking Policy is outlined below for these two permit types.

Residential Parking Permits

  • In some areas of the City of Burnside, where there is limited available on-street parking and/or additional conflict between parking users, Council may, at its absolute discretion, give preference to local residents in order to adhere to the principles of amenity and convenience.  This will be managed through the implementation of Residential Parking Permits and signposted Residential Parking Permit exempt zones.
  • To be eligible for a Residential Parking Permit, the applicant must be a resident of the City of Burnside, whose normal place of residence is subject to restrictive parking controls that provide for resident permit exemption.
  • Two Types of Residential Parking Permits are available;
  • Fixed Residential Parking Permits are permits that are issued with respect to specific vehicles registered to the address and are not transferable to other vehicles. Any tampering, alteration or misuse of the permit will render the permit invalid.
  • Transferable Residential  parking Permits are permits that are issued with respect to a residential address and are transferable to other vehicles. Any tampering, alteration or misuse of the permit will render the permit invalid.
  • Permits will be issued for a maximum twelve month period, or part thereof.
  • Permits will be issued in respect to a specific street / suburb address. Permits are not transferable from one residential parking permit exempt zone to another.
  • An eligible applicant may apply for a maximum of one (1) Transferable Residential Parking Permit per residence.
  • An eligible applicant may apply for up to two (2) Fixed Residential Parking Permits per residence. 
  • An eligible applicant can request additional Fixed Residential Parking Permits, any additional permits above those provided in 6.25, may be granted after an assessment of individual circumstance and with approval by the Chief Executive Officer or authorised delegate.
  • Caravans, trailers and heavy or over length vehicles are not eligible for Residential Parking Permits.
  • Occupiers of commercial premises who do not reside on the premises will be deemed not to be “residents” for the purpose of this policy, and as such, are not eligible for a permit unless special approval is granted by the Chief Executive Officer or authorised delegate.
  • If misuse, including the sale of a Transferable Residential Permit, is discovered to have occurred the Chief Executive Officer may refuse to permit any future Transferable Residential Permits to the resident for a period up to five (5) years.
  • Permits must be visibly displayed in the bottom passenger-side corner of the windscreen at all times when parked in the relevant residential parking permit exempt zone.  Failure to display the permit will leave the vehicle liable to fine and/or  prosecution for illegal parking.
  • Permits will be issued upon completion and receipt of the standard Resident Parking Permit Application Form, and provided compliance with the above conditions of eligibility is demonstrated.

Temporary Exemption Permits

  • Where a resident who is eligible for a Residential Parking Permit has a tradesperson or service provider who requires access to the property for the purposes of providing a service to the resident but is unable to access on-street parking, they     may apply for a Temporary Exemption Permit or utilise a resident’s Transferable Residential Parking Permit.
  • These Permits must be applied for by the resident and in relation to a specific tradesperson and vehicle.
  • Permits will be issued for a specific period of time being not more than three months, and for a specific address.
  • Permits will be eligible for daytime parking being between 7am and 7pm.
  • This permit will then enable the vehicle to be parked in the Residential Parking Permit Exempt zones for the purposes of providing services to residents and their properties.


Applications can be lodged either:

In Person
401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore
SA 5065

By Post
PO Box 9
SA 5065

Further enquiries can be directed to the Ranger Services Department on (08) 8366 4239.