Burnside Adventure Park Wins National Award


Burnside Council receives multiple first prize awards for the Burnside Adventure Park.

On 28 May 2005, the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers (AILDM) held its inaugural Landscape Design Awards in Sydney. The Institute received over 30 entries for 12 different categories.

The Burnside Council received first prize for the categories of Best "Commercial Design - Over $90,000' and 'Overall Best Commercial Design'.

The 12 category winners then competed for the top prize- 'The Allan Correy Award for Design Excellence', which was also won by the Burnside Adventure Park.

The judge's comments for the Adventure Park included:

  • "Clever use of standard and non standard playground elements;
  • The design is well integrated into the surrounding area and provides a variety of experiences for children and their supervisors;
  • The overall design is exciting and inventive, yet appears to provide an easily supervised play environment, while complying with strict government safety requirements."

"To have the Burnside Adventure Park judged by professional designers and landscape architects and be recognised as being the best is a great achievement. This is a wonderful recreational facility for our younger residents and an investment in their future growth," Mayor Wendy Greiner said.

Community consultation was an important part of the project, with an initial on site consultation with stakeholders, and then a follow up meeting to discuss the concept plan prior to construction.

This national award follows on from recent award success at a state level, with the Burnside Adventure Park winning three landscaping awards by the Landscaping Association of South Australia in early May 2005.

The Burnside Adventure Park is located in the Kensington Gardens Reserve.