Graffiti Removal

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Graffiti occurring on public property needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Rapid removal has shown to reduce the likelihood of recurrence. Council’s graffiti volunteers aim to have all offensive graffiti removed from Council property within two days and non-offensive within five working days.

Private Property Graffiti Removal

Residents who have graffiti on their property can lodge a service request on Action Burnside or contact Customer Service on 8366 4200 and report the details of the graffiti including:

  • size and colour
  • the type of surface that has been defaced, and
  • whether they are the owners of the property.

Prior to removing the graffiti the owner of the property must sign a Consent Form giving permission for Council to assist. Depending on the type of surface affected, the graffiti will either be painted over or removed using proven substances and high pressure water spray.

Graffiti Removal Consent Form

Report Graffiti on Public Property

Burnside Council has a team of 10 volunteers to remove graffiti from public property throughout the Burnside area. The graffiti program was developed by the Council in response to the increasing incidence and cost of graffiti attacks.

Report graffiti on public property