Fund my Place - a new type of community grant


Have you ever wanted to use a public space in your local street, reserve, laneway or footpath for things like edible pocket gardens, a small community event like a street fair or neighbourhood picnic, little libraries, children's play spaces or temporary parklets?

Council is offering eight Fund my Place grants of up to $2,500 to transform the public space in your neighbourhood and make your idea a reality. 

This new pilot project aims to bring people together to transform the public spaces in your neighbourhood and make the most of your local streets, reserves, laneways and footpaths. 

For community members, businesses or groups to create, run or install an idea in their neighbourhood. 

What are some ideas?

  • edible pocket gardens for the neighbourhood 
  • a little library 
  • children's play spaces painted on pedestrian laneways 
  • temporary parklets that extend public space into streets 
  • a street-fair run by local businesses 
  • a neighbourhood picnic in a residential street. 

The business side of things...

Council is now accepting applications. You will find the Application Form in Related Information below. 

All details can be found on and applications close 1 March 2019. 

Read the grant guidelines to find out if your idea is eligible. 

Council administration will assess all of the applications and select who will receive grants. 

The assessment criteria will take into account:

  • how the idea will use underutilised public spaces
  • how the idea will bring together the community 
  • what local support you have to create the project 
  • what connection you have to the place that you plan to revitalise 
  • how creative your idea is 
  • that the project is easily maintained and can be easily removed 
  • if you have any matching funding or in-kind support to contribute to the project 
  • how practical your idea is 
  • if you have any experience in delivering a similar project 
  • that you can complete the project within 12 months. 

Successful proposals will be announced in April 2019. 

You can find more information about the grants on or you can contact Aaron Schroeder on 8366 4200.