Find Your Fit

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Isn't the couch comfy? I mean seriously, how nice is it to just sit there with a bag of corn chips, a drink and watch mindless TV for hours. However, after a whle the indoors can just get to you. There's no point sitting around doing nothing - why not get up and see what your local community has to offer.

Take a look outside, see the sky, the sun, it's a great chance for you to get out there and 'Find your fit'. The Find Your Fit Directory Card has been developed by Burnside Youth to give you every opportunity to see what the City of Burnside has to offer.

Grab some friends and experience something you've never tried before. Get out there and find your fit.

Have you ever needed to talk to someone about some of the challenges you face in your day to day, but didn't know where to go? If you click on 'Health Services' this will give you all the details of who to call when you get stuck on some of life's challenges.

All information was true and correct at the time of release. If you would like your recreation group included on this list please email Burnside Youth Development Officer on

Arts and Culture

Pepper Street Arts Centre

558 Magill Road, Magill, SA

Phone: (08) 8364 6154

Hubbe Court Art and Craft Centre

Hubbe Crt, Burnside, SA

Ph: (08) 8344 3609


United Collegian Glenunga Athletics Club Inc

Ph: 8336 9932


Sturt Badminton Club

546 Portrush Road, Glen Osmond, SA.



Kensington Baseball Club Inc

Newland Park, SA

Ph: 8364 0341

M: 0403 090 380


Beaumont Bowling Club

Miller Reserve, 71 Devereux Road, Linden Park, SA, 5065

Ph: 8379 3132

Kensington Gardens Bowling & Tennis Club Inc

East Terrace, Kensington, SA

Ph: 0419 812 155

Toorak Burnside Bowling Club

25 Giles Street, Toorak Gardens, SA, 5065

Ph: 8331 0062


Eastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club

Tregenza Oval

Ph: 8331 7331

Kensington District Cricket Club

Kensington Gardens Reserve

Ph: 8431 2386

Glenunga Sports and Social

Club Inc Senior Cricket Adelaide Turf Association

Ph: 0409 190 228


Burnside Lions Club

J B Ware Reserve

Ph: 0418 803 938

Eastwood Community Centre Inc

95 Glen Osmond Road, Eastwood, SA, 5063

Ph: 8373 2225


Glenunga Croquet Club Inc

Kingsley Avenue Reserve, Glenunga, SA, 5065

Ph: 8379 2967


Chelsea Cinema

275 Kensington Road, Kensington Park, SA

Ph: 8352 1377


Glenunga Sports and Social Club

SA Amateur Football League

Glenunga Reserve, SA

Ph: 0409 190 228


Mt Osmond Golf Club Inc

60 Mt Osmond Rd

Ph: 8379 1673

Guides & Scouts

Beulah Park Guides Inc

Mellor Reserve, 63 Beulah Road, Norwood, SA, 5067

Ph: 8362 1070

Knightsbridge Girl Guides

Philps Reserve, Rochester St, Leabrook, SA

Ph: 8362 0272

Rose Park Scout Group

Webb Street, Reserve

Ph: 0414 714 358


Burnside Hockey Club


Burnside Lacrosse Club

Miller Reserve Devereux Rd, Linden Park, SA

Ph: 8179 1111

Leisure Centre

Kensington Community Leisure Centre

344 The Parade, Kensington Park, SA, 5086

Ph: 8431 1117


Glenunga Sports and Social Club Inc Oztag

Glenunga Reserve

Ph: 0409 190 228

Rifle and Pistol

Eastern Amateur Pistol Club

Ph: 8332 0309


Burnside Rugby Union Football Club

Kensington Gardens Reserve

Ph: 8336 1382

M: 0438 670 711

Old Collegians Rugby Football Club Inc

Tregenza Oval

Ph: 8363 2388

M: 0431 566 116

Skate Parks

Adelaide Skate Park

Temporary park: 15 Wakefield Rd, Adelaide SA 5000

Prospect Skate Park

This park comprises of a very narrow concrete street course with metal platforms.

Location: Near the corner of Churchill Road and Allan Street, Prospect at George Whittle Reserve.

Unley Bowls

Unley has two bowls, one 5 foot and one 6 foot. They have a spine and roll over.

Location: Top of Glen Osmond Road, Unley at Ridge Park Reserve

Campbelltown Skate Park

Campbelltown Skate Park is a popular park containing a large kick/play field, a skate facility and BMX track for local youth.

Catering for intermediate users, the skate facility contains a spine, slopes, ramps, rails and funbox. Night lighting is provided for skaters until 10pm.

An informal BMX track is located amongst tall trees and is made from mounds of dirt, large hills, jumps and burms. A short stroll from the Paradise interchange, barbeque facilities, picnic settings and public toilets make a day at this park a great family outing.

Location: Darley Rd, Paradise 5075


Glenunga Sports and Social Club Inc

Old Ignatians Soccer Club

Ph: 0422 223 017



Burnside Swimming Centre

Greenhill Road, Hazelwood Park, SA

Ph: 0438 404 929


Beaumont Tennis Club Inc

Miller Reserve

Ph: 0409 099 584

Burnside District Hard Court Tennis Club

Newland Park, SA

Ph: 0414 931 996

East Torrens - Kensington Gardens Hard Court Tennis Club

Kensington Gardens Reserve

Ph: 8364 1497

Glenunga Tennis Club

Kingsley Avenue Reserve

Ph: 8303 9000

Kensington Gardens Bowling and Tennis Club

Kensington Gardens Reserve

Ph: 0419 812 155


Eastwood Community Centre Inc

95 Glen Osmond Road, Eastwood, SA, 5063

Ph: 8373 2225