Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)


A Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is a group of young people aged 12-25 years who work in partnership with local councils to provide advice on decisions that affect their lives.

YACs also plan activities and projects that encourage young people's active engagement in their local communities.

Each YAC differs depending on their location and the demographics and social issues of their region. Their priority and the resources allocated to them also differ.

Some YACs operate as formal Section 41 Sub-committees of Council, while others use informal structures or operate as interest groups that form and disband as required. The Office for Youth provides state coordination of Youth Advisory Committee programs within South Australia.

The Burnside Youth Advisory Committee is funded by the Office for Youth.

Burnside YAC Recruiting Volunteers now


Calling anyone aged 15-25! We are looking for more members to join our Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) this year.

If you attend 5 meetings you will receive a $50 iTunes voucher. If you are an existing YAC member - recruit a friend to join and you will receive a $10 iTunes voucher.

Contact Jen for more info or to join. 8366 4109 or