Dog and Cat Management Plan

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Dog and cat management in Burnside is the responsibility of the Ranger Services section of the Community and Development Services Department. The Council’s Customer Service Centre handles general enquiries during normal office hours and our after hour service provider manages out of hours enquiries.

On-road coverage is as follows:

  • Monday to Friday - 8.30 am to 5 pm
  • All other times - on-call for dog emergencies

The Council’s management of urban animal issues has an impact on the health, wellbeing and lives of the whole community and the welfare of animals in the City. This Plan is therefore designed for everyone in the City of Burnside from dog and cat owners to those who have no pets, and sets the direction for the Council in animal management until 2023.

This Dog and Cat Management Plan(PDF, 9MB) contains recommendations for a wide range of actions to be undertaken by the Council and provides a sound basis and direction for Council from which it can plan and make future decisions. The Plan will be subject to ongoing review in line with any legislative changes to requirements. It identifies strategies and actions to implement the mission, aims and objectives.

The mission of animal management service delivery in the City of Burnside is:

“To create an environment in the City of Burnside in which all members of the community are kept well informed about the benefits and responsibilities of dog and cat ownership and are committed to being responsible dog and cat owners”.

The aims of this management plan are to:

  1. Ensure Council meets its obligations under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995;
  2. Investigate and implement best practice in promoting responsible pet ownership;
  3. Consider ways the Council could harness the benefits of owning pets; and
  4. Establish priorities for animal management in the City of Burnside for the next five years.

Please view the draft Dog and Cat Management Plan below for further information.

This draft Dog and Cat Management Plan has been developed for the endorsement of Council and of the Dog and Cat Management Board.