Be Prepared for Severe Weather Events

For information on before, during and after any type of emergency visit this link on emergencies and safety.

The majority of our Council area is leafy suburbia with no direct bushfire or flooding risk.

However on the eastern extremes of the Council area is the City of Burnside Bushfire Area.  If you live in a bushfire prone area you must have a Bushfire Survival Plan and prepare yourself and your property for the bushfire season.  Your plan will help you to take action and avoid making last minute decisions that could prove deadly during a bushfire.

Even the best prepared home is not designed or constructed to withstand fires under catastrophic fire conditions.  However you can prepare your property to give it a better chance of surviving a fire front.

Burnside, the 'City of Creeks', lies at the base of the Mount Lofty Ranges foothills.  It is traversed by Park Lands Creek, First Creek, Second Creek, Stonyfell Creek and Third Creek.  Aside from being an attractive part of Council's landscape, these creeks present a risk from flooding.  Deep and fast flowing water is usually confined to defined channels. But during major floods, water can breakout and cause shallow and damaging flooding in parts of the City.

Any resident living in an area predicted to experience flooding (even shallow flooding), should be prepared for the event.

Find out how to prepare yourself and your property for severe weather events, such as bushfire or flooding, using the links below. 


In this section you will find:

  • information and tips on preparing yourself and your home for the bushfire season.
  • how to report a bushfire hazard in your community.
  • information on the fire danger season such as fire ban dates, fires danger ratings and which Council services operate on catastrophic fire days.
  • managing your Hills Face Zone property and the Burning Policy.


In this section you will find:

  • contact details for land, weather and flood warnings, emergency assistance and the SES.
  • information on where to find Bureau of Meteorology warnings.
  • A guide on preparing an emergency flood plan and an emergency flood plan checklist.
  • A link to the A property owner's guide to managing healthy urban creeks.  Property owners that have a creek running through their property have the responsibility to care for, and maintain, the creek on their land.