Current Fire Danger Rating & Warnings

Fire Danger Ratings and Warnings are issued by the CFS and updated every 24 hours. Ratings and Warnings generally only apply during the Fire Danger Season.

View the current Fire Danger Ratings

When applicable bushfire information is also provided by the CFS via television and radio stations.

The rating is forecast each day during the Fire Danger Season to predict how a fire would behave if one started – including how difficult it would be to put out and what impacts it might have on the community.

Please bear in mind that the Fire Danger Rating does not predict how likely it is for a bushfire to start, but how dangerous a fire that starts could be.

The higher the Fire Danger Rating, the more dangerous the fire conditions. It should be used as an early indicator to trigger your plans.

Find tomorrow’s Fire Danger Rating from approximately 4.30 pm:

Know your Fire Danger Rating, monitor local conditions and keep informed.

For further information or if you would like Council’s Fire Prevention Officer to meet with you to discuss potential bushfire hazard risks on your property please contact Ranger Services on 8366 4239 or email