Protecting Your Property

Seasonal checklist for protecting your property.


  • Remove dead vegetation from around the home and prune lower limbs of trees.
  • Obtain Council permit/permission to burn off garden waste, or dispose of the material through mulching.
  • Ember-proof the home, eg check roof space for loose tiles and gaps and repair as necessary.


  • Slash or mow long grass and remove cut material (unless it can rot down before summer).
  • Remove weeds around sheds and fences.
  • Cut back trees overhanging the roof.
  • Remove fallen branches and other debris.
  • Check and service all mechanical equipment, including grass cutters, water pumps, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers.
  • Remove leaves from gutters.
  • Review and update your Bushfire Action Plan.


  • Maintain a 20-metre fuel reduction zone around your home (greater if on a slope).
  • Clear around trees.
  • Remove leaves from the gutters.
  • Slash stubble near sheds/buildings.
  • Check reserve water supplies.
  • Rehearse your Bushfire Action Plan with your family.
  • Prepare evacuation kit.
  • Ensure you have a portable battery-powered radio to hear bushfire warnings.
  • Monitor fire restrictions.


  • Remove undergrowth and dead vegetation.
  • Seek Council permission for a burn off.
  • Check for any fire hazards and remove.