Report a Bushfire Hazard/Request a Property Inspection

If you are concerned about bushfire hazards on your property or a property near you or Council land, the City of Burnside’s Fire Prevention Officer can provide advice regarding your concern or how best to prepare your property against bushfires and what you have to do in the event of a bush fire.

The City of Burnside’s Fire Prevention Officer is responsible for inspecting bushfire hazards, providing advice and if necessary, issuing notices to landowners to reduce hazards.

If you believe there is a bush fire hazard near your property, you can make a formal complaint or if you require assistance with your own land, please contact Council by:

A Fire Prevention Officer will arrange for an inspection of the site to determine if a bush fire hazard exists. The landowner or the manager of the land will be notified separately of the results.

If a hazard does exist a Fire Prevention Officer can issue a Bushfire Hazard Reduction Notice, requesting the hazard be remedied. This Notice can be issued to private/ business landowners. If the Bushfire Hazard Reduction Notice is not complied with, the City of Burnside may remove the hazard, and may pursue the cost from the landowner.

If your concerns relate to Council land, then a Fire Prevention Officer will inspect the area and advise of possible action. If your concerns relate to crown land, then you must direct your concerns to the relevant agency i.e SA Water or DEWNR.