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Burnside, 'The City of Creeks', lies at the base of the Mount Lofty Ranges foothills. It is traversed by Park Lands Creek, First Creek, Second Creek, Stonyfell Creek and Third Creek.

Burnside's creeks are an iconic part of our Council's attractive landscape, but as well as being attractive features, they can also present a risk from flooding. Deep and fast flowing water is usually confined to defined channels, but during major floods, water can breakout and cause shallow, but nevertheless damaging flooding in parts of Burnside.

Any properties that have been identified as likely to be flooded during a 1 in 20 year recurrence interval event (or larger) have been recorded on Council's data base, so that prospective purchasers are advised (Section 7 statement) when properties are offered for sale.

Any residents living in an area predicted to experience flooding (even shallow flooding), should be prepared for the event. Research shows that flood awareness and preparedness (having a plan for what to do if a flood occurs), can reduce flood damage costs by 30% to 60%.

The documents with links below, have been prepared to assist planning for and dealing with a flood if one occurs.

Flood Warning

The Bureau of Meteorology provides information on current weather forecasts and warnings via their website or by telephone.

Land, Weather and Flood Warnings

Phone: 1300 659 215

Metro Area Forecasts

Phone: 1196

Emergency Assistance

For assistance during a flooding event or other emergencies contact the State Emergency Service on 132 500.

Further Information

For further information on what you can do to help yourself during a flood contact:

State Emergency Service

GPO Box 2760, Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: 8463 4171 (during office hours)

Fax: 8410 3115

SES Website

Alternatively, please contact the City of Burnside.