Open Space


The City of Burnside is noted for its green, leafy character and diverse range of parks and reserves. These include areas that have been set aside by Council for public recreation, many of which have significant conservation value.

The City of Burnside has 108 parks, comprising a total area of approximately 190 hectares throughout the city. These parks include active and passive recreation facilities such as playgrounds, sporting ovals, tennis courts, swimming pools, recreational trails, picnic facilities and indigenous vegetation reserves. Burnside is renowned for its distinctive tree-lined streets defined by leafy vistas and arching canopies. There are over 35,000 street trees throughout the City. Many of these street trees are reaching the end of their useful life expectancy and will need to be replaced in the next 5-20 years. Council has in recent years commenced replacing old trees as part of its 'Second Generation Tree Planting Program'.

The City of Burnside believes that the open spaces of Burnside contribute immeasurably to the well being and lifestyle of its residents and the amenity of this City by providing for:

  • A significant 'greening' of the district;
  • Habitat for birds and other wildlife;
  • Environmental enhancement;
  • Conservation of Burnside's heritage;
  • Areas for organized sport and other functions;
  • Areas for passive recreation and appreciation of nature;
  • And a sense of tranquility, and source of inspiration and spiritual refreshment.

The City of Burnside is one of the leafiest parts of Adelaide and we take great pride in the standard of our parks and reserves, which we encourage visitors to use and enjoy.

The portion of the City of Burnside generally referred to as parks and reserves is approximately 90 hectares (3.3% of the total Burnside area).

Landscape architecture and urban design are activities concerned with the planning of land areas and the design of spaces to create functional, attractive and interesting environments. They are involved with the concept of 'place', design quality, amenity and sustainability of built and natural outdoor environments.

Council employs professionally trained landscape architects to develop and design proposals for our open space areas and shopping centres, and engages consultant practices for additional or specialist services such as urban design advice, architecture and ecology.

The work of landscape architects often involves collaboration with other Council areas such as parks & horticulture, engineering, strategic & town planning, recreational planning and community development.

There are two main areas of work:

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Planning

Open Space and Facility Maintenance and Management

City of Burnside is committed to providing outstanding quality open space and facilities and has achieved a high level of provision and maintenance over the years. 

City of Burnside continues to maintain open space and its community facilities to a high standard. We also continually review maintenance and resourcing requirements in regard to topography and vegetation in natural areas and develop appropriate landscape treatments and solutions that are sustainable whilst improving the overall quality of our City's natural areas. 

City of Burnside is committed to providing consistently high standards in the design, innovation and maintenance of its facilities within its parks and reserves for our residents and visitors.