Open Space Projects


Each year Council allocates a substantial amount of money for the implementation and development of recreation facilities in the area.

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Open Space Projects

Playground and Associated Landscape Upgrade

Upgrade of playground facilities in a number of reserves including Gardiner Reserve.

Tennis Court Upgrade Program

Tennis Court upgrades and resurfacing of courts in a number of reserves including Salop Street Reserve, Kensington Park and Lancelot Avenue Reserve.

Irrigation System Replacement

Replacement of old and inefficient irrigation systems across the reserve network and includes reserves such as Newland Park.

Conyngham Street Dog Park

The Conyngham Street Dog Park has a number of improvements programmed this year, including additional turfing, irrigation and pathway installations.

Drinking Fountain Replacement (Reserves)

Install improved drinking fountains, combined with pet drinking systems (multiple year program) in the following locations: Michael Perry Reserve, Kensington Gardens Reserve, Tregenza Oval and Kensington Park.

Reserve Furniture Replacement

Replacement of aged and damaged park furniture across various parks and reserves.

Sports Field Lighting Replacement

Lighting towers on several sporting grounds including Kensington Gardens Reserve that have reached the end of their useful life and need replacement to ensure continued safe use.

Reserve Fencing Replacement (Fencing Act Provision)

Replace shared fencing on reserves that are less than 1 hectare, that are damaged during the year (this is a legal requirement under the Fencing Act, 1975).

Fire Track Improvements

To ensure that bushfire management is maintained to appropriate standards both fire tracks within Danthonia and Zig Zag Reserves will be upgraded.

Facilities/Community Facilities

Disability Access for Community Facilities

Upgrade access to community facilities to be compliant with current legislation for disabled access provisions (DDA). This is a long term project which will endeavour to allow our less mobile residents easy access to all services and facilities, enhancing recreational options and social inclusion.

Bell Yett Reserve and Kensington Park Public Amenities Improvements

The existing toilet facility at Bell Yett Reserve will be rebuilt with a new standalone toilet facility constructed within Kensington Park.

Magill Cemetery Capital Improvements and Records Management

Minor Works in accordance with the Magill Cemetery Management Plan inclusive of additional fencing, interpretive signage, landscaping and establishment of a Friends of Magill Cemetery volunteer group.

Community Buildings - Renewal Program

Council has a number of community, sporting, recreational and utility facilities that are leased/accessed by several community groups. It is Council's responsibility to ensure that Capital works are undertaken to enable members of the community to have access to facilities in an appropriate and safe condition.

George Bolton Swimming Centre Additional Works

Items identified as required during the recent project - either not in the original scope and/or removed due to budget concerns and value management practices. The roof in particular is leaking in several areas, and will require annual maintenance until replaced.

Strategic Projects

Kensington Gardens Reserve Master Plan Works

The Kensington Gardens Reserve Master plan is presently being developed during the 2016/17 financial year. This Capital initiative has been set aside to undertake initial work arising from the Master Plan development.

Hazelwood Park Master Plan

Development of a Master Plan for Hazelwood Park for Council endorsement and development of new interpretive signage within the Park.

Open Space Procurement Processing Costs

Costs associated with the purchase of Constable Hyde Reserve and the proposed sale of JB Cleland Kindergarten, Rose Park preschool and Scout Hall and Gurney Road Garden.

Civic Centre Master Plan and Capital Works

The City of Burnside Civic Centre is a strategic Council facility that requires significant upgrades over several years. This initiative commences the process of the Civic Centre Strategic Plan.

In accordance with the 10 year Capital Improvement Program for the Civic Centre, the Civic Centre Annual Capital Program has been developed to appropriately maintain the Civic Centre on an annual basis.

Property Strategy

A new Property Strategy has been developed in line with Council's Strategic Plan. It will provide strategic direction to meet the existing and future needs of the community. Further development of a new methodology associated with building assessment will be undertaken in the coming months.