Marking Native Flora Areas

Marking Native Flora Areas.jpg

It is often not easy to recognise rare examples of native flora when they occur in roadsides and reserves in urban areas. This is why native flora is always at risk of being damaged by mowing, spraying, mulching, dumping or digging.

The Local Government Biodiversity Network (LGBN), made up of staff from metropolitan and near regional councils, has developed a Native Vegetation Marker Scheme. This scheme has been endorsed by the Local Government Association.

Many native vegetation sites in City of Burnside have been marked using this scheme. The markers are located at reserve entry or at intervals around the perimeters. While the Native Vegetation Markers alert staff, contractors and park users to the significance of the site, there is still the need for Council's biodiversity staff and volunteers to use blue marker pins and stakes to identify internal boundaries for management and key native plant populations.

View the list of Vegetation Marker Site Numbers(PDF, 189KB) allocated in the City of Burnside.