Michael Perry Reserve Management

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Michael Perry Botanic Reserve in Stonyfell is one of our most iconic reserves and is well used by walkers who enjoy the trail along Second Creek.

The reserve was created in the 1970s after subdivision of the historic Clifton Estate, one of South Australia’s most historic homesteads.

Michael Perry Reserve Vegetation Management Plan

A Vegetation Management Plan for the whole reserve was produced in 2012 and defined a number of management zones including the historic garden area, creek line and hillside woodlands. 

The creek line and hillside woodland areas were recommended to be returned to native vegetation and these works are now well advanced. Clearance of woody weeds and revegetation with local native species has been undertaken and is still ongoing in some areas. These areas are managed by City of Burnside’s Natural Resources Team and skilled biodiversity contractors.

Michael Perry Reserve Vegetation Management Plan (2012)(PDF, 6MB)

Michael Perry Reserve Historic Garden Adaptation Plan

In early 2019 a plan was developed to guide the restoration of the historic garden areas of the reserve. The plan will be implemented in stages as resources allow.

The plan sets out a vision that captures the historic nature of the garden but acknowledges that many conditions have changed since its establishment as a private garden in the 19th Century.

The plan:

  • documents the history and development of the garden
  • documents the remaining historic plantings
  • defines the character of each of the different areas of the garden and how they should be restored
  • proposes planting styles that reflect the historic and botanic interest of the site
  • proposes policies for selection of species and materials consistent with its historic nature
  • proposes no changes in public use

In 2019 works will begin on restoring garden beds, paths and planting of new specimen trees and plants.

Michael Perry Reserve Historic Garden Adaptation Plan (2019)(PDF, 24MB)

Further Information

If you would like further information, please contact Dr Mark Ellis, Technical Officer, Conservation and Land Management on 8366 4267 or at mellis@burnside.sa.gov.au