Native Vegetation


Map of pre-European vegetation.

1. Grey Box woodlands

This area was known to early colonists as "the Black Forest". Most of the plains areas south of Greenhill Road were formerly in Grey Box woodland. Grey Box woodlands were the dominant vegetation of the Patawalonga Catchment area. Best remnant examples in Burnside: Beaumont Common, A E Cousins Reserve.

2. SA Blue Gum and River Red Gum open forests and woodlands

These forests grew on the plains areas north of Greenhill Road and are associated with the flood plains of First and Second Creeks. Best examples: Hazelwood Park, Kensington Gardens, Kensington Park.

3. Mallee Box woodland on north facing slopes, Manna Gum and Blue Gum woodlands on south facing slopes, Sheoak woodland in small patches

This complex of woodland types occurs on the shallow alkaline soils of the Skye and Auldana areas. Best examples: Auldana South Reserve, Magill Stone Mine Reserve, Wyfield Reserve.

4. SA Blue Gum woodland and Native Cypress Pine woodland

A small area of these vegetation types occur in the slightly acidic and well drained soils of Stonyfell. Only example: Ferguson Conservation Park.

5. Complex mixture of woodland types - Grey Box, SA Blue Gum, Sheoak, Manna Gum, River Red Gum.  Associated with the Mount Osmond hills face area

Best examples: Mount Osmond Reserves generally but all very degraded.

6. Manna Gum and SA Blue Gum woodlands associated with the higher country towards Eagle on the Hill

Best examples: Cleland Conservation Park, Bullock Track.