Fires in Burnside - What Can/Can't I Do

You will find below an information sheet on what residents and visitors can and can’t do within the City of Burnside in relation to lighting fires during and outside the Fire Danger Season.

It explains when a permit is required, what is prohibited and what is prohibited under certain weather conditions.

This information only applies to the City of Burnside and some restrictions may vary from Council to Council, especially when it comes to Environmental Protection Authority requirements.

IMPORTANT: No burning is permitted on days declared by the CFS as a Total Fire Ban day, whether inside or outside the Fire Danger Season, unless exceptional circumstances apply and Council has provided a Schedule 10 permit. For more information please contact Ranger Services Department on 8366 4239.

The information provided only covers the most common enquiries to Council. Further restrictions which are less common may apply. For Further information please visit the CFS Website.

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