Managing Trees Around Powerlines

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There are risks associated with trees in relation to their proximity to powerlines. SA Power Networks takes its regulatory obligations and the safety of South Australians seriously and is committed to continuously improving how they manage vegetation near powerlines.

Contact between powerlines and tree branches can occur due to a number of reasons such as strong winds and falling trees. This contact can potentially damage the powerlines causing the risk of electric shock, fire or supply interruptions.

Vegetation is pruned in order to:

  • Ensure public safety
  • Mitigate bushfire risk
  • Maintain reliability of electricity supply

Responsibility of SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks is responsible for maintaining the clearance zone around all public powerlines. On private land, they are also responsible for keeping naturally occurring vegetation away from powerlines.

Responsibility of the owner/occupier

The owner/occupier of private property is responsible for keeping the required clearance zone free of planted or nurtured vegetation around the powerlines that supply their property. A private supply line only supplies you and your property, and operates at 19,000 volts or less.

How much needs to be trimmed?

This is determined by legislation and varies according to:

  • Whether the vegetation is in a bushfire risk area
  • The voltage of the conductor
  • The swing and sag of the conductor
  • Whether the line is insulated or bare

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