Tree Assistance Fund

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The City of Burnside is renowned for its landscape of significant trees, and as such, commencing the financial year 2012/13 the Council has resolved to set aside funds for the operation of the Regulated and Significant Tree Assistance Scheme.

Following the decision of Council to adopt the Regulated and Significant Tree Assistance Policy(PDF, 143KB) in relation to the regulated tree assistance fund, a process and application form has been developed. The steps are as follows:

  • Application form completed and arboricultural advice from a qualified arborist attached.
  • If the application is deemed to be for maintenance work that is beneficial to the long term health of the tree, then approval in principle of funds is given.
  • If planning consent is required, then it is sought no later than this point.
  • The work is then carried out by a qualified arboriculturist or tree-maintenance specialist.
  • An invoice and certification of the work is then provided to Council by the arborist.
  • Funds paid.


Following a successful application to Council, a reimbursement of up to 50% of the work, capped at $1,000 per tree, will be made in relation to approved works. Grants will only be approved while funds remain in the budget allocated by Council for the relevant financial year.  Consideration for funds up to $3,000 may be given, at the absolute discretion of the Council.  Factors to consider will include cost of the works and the amenity or ecological value of the tree.

The City of Burnside looks forward to residents utilising the scheme to ensure the long term health of the City's regulated and significant trees.

If the application is approved in principle by the Council, the arborist may then undertake the maintenance works, thereafter providing certification of the works and proof of payment, so that agreed reimbursement may be made to the applicant.

Regulated and Significant Tree Assistance Scheme Application