Hard Waste

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The City of Burnside offers a FREE At-Call home collection service, meeting the needs of our community and reducing landfill. The City of Burnside has partnered with our waste provider East Waste to offer a flexible and environmentally responsible hard waste service.

The service features:
  • One FREE At-Call pickup per financial year that you can book at any time of the year.
  • A confirmed date for your pickup to occur within 4 - 6 weeks from the date of your call.
  • More than one pickup per year at a minimal cost.
  • Hard waste will be disposed of at an alternative fuel facility. The hard waste is processed into an engineered fuel product used to fire the kilns at Adelaide Brighton Cement, replacing the use of non-renewable fossil fuel.
  • Items can be put out no earlier than 24 hours before collection day.
  • See the information flyer below for the types of hard waste items that you can have collected.

How do I make a booking?

To receive your FREE At-Call pickup call East Waste on 8347 5170, or visit the East Waste Website to make a booking.

You can do this anytime throughout the year which can help if you are moving house or spring cleaning.

What do I do once I have made my booking?

  • East Waste will post to you a confirmation of your booking and a sticker that you place on the items that you want collected.
  • Place items on the kerbside the night prior to your collection or before 6 am on the collection day.
  • For those residents living in units and multi-dwelling properties, East Waste will negotiate a suitable location for collection upon booking.
  • Before collection day place the sticker provided on your items so that it is clearly visible.
  • Only put out a maximum of 2 cubic metres of hard waste (2 m long x 1 m wide x 1 m high).
  • Adhere to the acceptable items listed in the information flyer below.
  • Items placed out for collection in excess of the maximum amount, and non-acceptable items left out will not be collected and will be your responsibility for removal. See below for a list of other disposal services.
  • You do not need to be at home on collection day.
  • Collection days are Thursday and Friday.

Can I have more than one collection?

Yes. City of Burnside residents can make one additional At-Call home hard waste booking at a cost of $60 for the collection ($30 for concession card holders).

Acceptable hard waste items

  • Furniture – tables, chairs, wardrobes, beds and mattresses
  • Whitegoods – refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers and ovens - for safety, please remove or tie shut the doors (these doors can be placed separately for collection)
  • Floor coverings (up to 2 metre lengths)
  • Sheets of iron and guttering (up to 2 metre lengths)
  • Timber off-cuts, including pallets (up to 2 metre lengths)
  • Dismantled clothes lines
  • Blinds and window coverings
  • Bikes and toys
  • Air conditioners
  • Small items of scrap metal
  • Hot water systems
  • Lawn mowers
  • Rainwater tanks (segments up to 2 metre lengths)

Unacceptable hard waste items and disposal hints

  • No bricks, rocks, dirt, pavers, concrete or building materials (salvage yards may take bricks, pavers and tiles if they think they can be resold. Use exchange websites like Freally, Freecycle, Ziilch and Share N Save)
  • No electronic waste (TVs, computers, or anything with a battery or cord – look out for free drop-off events)
  • No motor vehicle tyres (enquire at your local tyre fitters – for a small fee most will accept tyres for recycling)
  • No batteries (Mobile phones, their batteries and accessories can be recycled at any mobile phone store or City of Burnside Library)
  • No paints
  • No ammunition, explosives or flares
  • No asbestos
  • No fire extinguishers
  • No motor oil
  • No gas bottles (use Kwik Gas or Swap ‘n’ Go exchange services at participating service stations)
  • No liquids
  • No chemicals
  • No mirrors, windows or panels of sheet glass
  • No car parts – eg gear boxes, engine blocks or panels
  • No business or industrial waste
  • No tree shrub branches and prunings consider mulching or composting or alternatively chop up and place in your green lidded food and garden organics bin
  • No items too heavy for two people to lift.

Placing items for collection in your front property boundary improves the likelihood of reusable and recyclable items going to not-for-profit social enterprises, reduces opportunistic illegal dumping and avoids your hard waste becoming a public safety risk.

What about items not accepted as hard waste?

All residents can play an active role in sorting hard waste for recycling before their service occurs by checking out Council's A-Z Domestic Waste Disposal Guide, especially for what will be accepted for hard waste collections, visiting the Recycle Right search engine or contacting specialist providers such as:

Online Exchanges




Glen Osmond Recycle Centre

389 Glen Osmond Road, Glen Osmond

Ph. 8379 9955

Mon to Fri 8.30 am - 4.30 pm, Sat 8.30 am - 12.30 pm

MUST show proof of residence (D/Lic) for free of charge

Mattress Recycling (fees apply)

Adelaide Eco Bins - 8280 6533

Distribution 360 - 0414 280 891

Scrap Metal

The Happy Scrapper - 0416 271 354

Denron Metals - 8352 8772

Electronic Waste (fees may apply)

Glen Osmond Recycle Centre 8379 9955 MUST show proof of residence (D/Lic) for free of charge

E cycle Recovery - 8262 4074 No charge

Australian Computer Society PC Recycling Program - 7127 1581

Social Enterprises

Finding Workable Solutions - 8398 5485

Diabetes SA - 1300 136 588

Book a Hard Waste Collection

Book online at East Waste or call 8347 5170