3 Bins and a Basket


Following the introduction of a 3 Bins and a Basket kerbside service, the City of Burnside is now diverting around 60 per cent of household waste from landfill. We can still improve on our performance by learning more about what goes in which bin. Watch our 3 Bins and a Basket and Composting Truth videos below.

Important Information

At the August 2014 meeting Council endorsed the first ever Service Level Agreement between East Waste and The City of Burnside. This landmark agreement now provides both Council and its community with clear guidelines on waste collection performance standards to ensure East Waste delivers an efficient and high quality service to our community. 

In line with this agreement and to ensure our community receives the best waste collection service, Council has shifted the day-to-day management and administration of its waste infrastructure under the care of East Waste. These changes bring the City of Burnside in line with all existing East Waste member Councils.

As of Monday 29 September 2014 all telephone calls and inquiries associated with the administration of waste bins are directed through to East Waste for servicing.  
These changes include:

  • all calls and queries associated with waste collection provision
  • notification for missed bin collections
  • applications for additional waste, recycle or organic bins
  • delivery of new bins for new properties
  • repairs to damaged bins and
  • retrieval of unwanted/excess bins.

Requests for food waste recycling kitchen caddies and rolls of compostable liner bags can be directed to Council on 8366 4200.

Your free compostable bag for the 2018/19 financial year is available for collection from the City of Burnside Civic Centre. Each residence is entitled to one free roll each financial year.

Additional roles are available for purchase at a cost of $9.10 during business hours. Bags will only be made available to City of Burnside residents. To collect your free roll please visit the Civic Centre and show current proof of name and address.

Customer Service will be the pick-up point with Library assisting outside of business hours.

Council and East Waste are in the process of moving all information and forms pertaining to waste, recycling and composting for the City of Burnside to the East Waste website:  www.eastwaste.com.au

If you have any questions regarding any aspects of these changes please contact East Waste on 8347 5111 or east@eastwaste.com.

3 Bin Collection Information

All residents are provided with a brochure, colour coded for each of the 3 Bins and your organics basket. If you did not receive or have lost your copy, please contact our Customer Service team who will organise a replacement.

To see if it's yellow or green week, check out the Collection Calendar and Guide to Waste, Recycling and Organics(PDF, 5MB).

The Composting Truth

What goes in which bin?

Download fact sheets below:

Please watch the 3 Bins and a Basket video below and look out for more Recycle Right tips in the Burnside Focus newsletter and this website.

Michael Keelan Introduces Burnside's Three Bins & A Basket

View the Jeffries e-book '50 Things Not To Put In Your Green Bin'

Further Information

For further enquiries please email east@eastwaste.com or contact East Waste Customer Service on 8347 5111.