Bin Tips


Playing your part: three key waste actions for every household

The costs of waste and recycling are rising. Council is paying increased waste levies and fees. You can make an important contribution to keeping costs down, thus keeping pressure off Council rates. Here are three key actions for every household:

  1. Make sure food waste goes in your green bin:
    Sending food scraps to be composted costs a fraction of the amount it costs to send them to landfill. And the material is then used to make useful organic compost. Burnside Council provides the tools to help you put your kitchen scraps in your green bin, like kitchen organics baskets and compostable bags which are available at the Civic Centre.
  2. If your bin’s not full, don’t put it out:
    Waste collection trucks can save time, fuel and wear-and-tear if they don’t have to stop for bins that are only part full. Many residents only put their waste bins out every fortnight. How often do you need to put your bin out?
  3. Think about waste while you’re shopping:
    There are many ways to reduce waste while shopping. There are re-useable bags for fruit and vegetables, so you can avoid plastic bags altogether. And you can buy products with minimal packaging; for example, did you know you can buy shampoo as a bar, rather than in a bottle? Or you can reduce packaging by buying in bulk; for example, if you buy small chip packets for lunches, consider buying a large pack and then using re-useable containers for the chips each day. Lastly, don’t buy items that you don’t need; it is best to stick to your shopping list.

Taking these actions will save Council funds and keep the pressure off Council rates. And your household will be making a valuable contribution to waste reduction!

If there was one more tip, it would be to let your neighbours know – the more people who take action, the greater the financial and environmental benefits will be.

If you need more information about what items can be placed in each bin, please read What Goes in Which Bin?