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This page gives information about East Waste. Please visit the East Waste website for information about new, missing or damaged bins. This website also has information about waste collection, hard waste, e-waste and hazardous waste.

The Eastern Waste Management Authority is a regional subsidiary of the Adelaide Hills Council, City of Burnside, Campbelltown City Council, City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters, City of Mitcham and the Corporation of the Town of Walkerville.

The Authority is administered by a Board in accordance with the requirement of the Local Government Act, the Authority’s Charter, and various policies and codes. The membership of the Board comprises seven directors – one director appointed by each of the Member Councils, and one independent person who acts as Chair. The Board appoints a General Manager who is responsible for implementing the decisions made by the Board, and running the day-to-day operations of the Authority.

The Authority's primary purpose is to provide effective waste collection services for its Member Councils. The exact nature of the waste collection services are determined independently by each Council to meet the needs of their respective communities.

From time to time, East Waste is contracted to provide waste collection services for other councils (referred to as client councils).

View the East Waste Board's Agendas and Minutes on their website

Important Information

At the August 2014 meeting Council endorsed the first ever Service Level Agreement between East Waste and The City of Burnside. This landmark Agreement now provides both Council and its community with clear guidelines on waste collection performance standards to ensure East Waste delivers an efficient and high quality service to our community.

In line with this Agreement and to ensure our community receives the best waste collection service, Council has shifted the day to day management and administration of its waste infrastructure under the care of East Waste. These changes bring the City of Burnside in line with all existing East Waste member Councils.

As of Monday 29 September 2014 all telephone calls and inquiries associated with the administration of waste bins will be directed through to East Waste for servicing.

These changes include;

  • all calls and queries associated with waste collection provision;
  • notification for missed bin collections;
  • applications for additional waste, recycle or organic bins;
  • delivery of new bins for new properties;
  • repairs to damaged bins; and
  • retrieval of unwanted/excess bins.

Requests for food waste recycling kitchen caddies and rolls of compostable liner bags can be directed to Council on 8366 4200.

Council and East Waste are in the process of moving all information and forms pertaining to waste, recycling and composting for the City of Burnside to the East Waste website. If you have any questions regarding any aspects of these changes please contact East Waste on 8347 5111 or east@eastwaste.com.

East Waste Contact Details

Eastern Waste Management Authority trading as East Waste

Address: 1 Temple Court Ottoway SA 5013

Phone: (08) 8347 5111

Fax: (08) 8240 3244

Email: east@eastwaste.com