What Goes in Which Bin?

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The kerbside three-bin system for households in the City of Burnside includes:

  • Organics bin (green lid) for compostable materials, including fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, garden clippings, shredded paper, pet waste, paper towels, pizza boxes and tissues.
  • Recycling bin (yellow lid) for recyclable materials, including paper, cardboard, rigid plastic containers (and bottles), cans, tins, aluminium foil, glass bottles, and milk and juice containers.
  • Waste-to-landfill bin (red lid) for waste that is not recyclable or compostable through the kerbside system, like clothing, polystyrene foam and nappies.

For more detailed information call the Which Bin helpline, 1300 137 118, or visit the Which Bin website.

The importance of kitchen scraps

You can make a contribution to Council cost savings and take the pressure off rates. The most effective action you can take is to make sure your kitchen scraps go in your organics bin (green lid).

Sending organics to be composted costs a fraction of the amount it costs to send waste to landfill. The material is then used to make useful organic compost. When all residents put their kitchen scraps in the correct bins it will save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Burnside Council provides the tools to help you put your kitchen scraps in your green bin. Kitchen organics baskets and compostable bags (150 free bags per household per year) are available at the Civic Centre.

Which bin videos

You can view additional episodes of the Which Bin campaign on the Which Bin website