Mixed Use and Activity Centres DPA

Published on 25 August 2016


Review of planning policy for Burnside’s business areas

The City of Burnside boasts a large number of retail and commercial clusters across the City.

The commercial and retail areas in the City of Burnside are extremely important because they create locally based employment opportunities while servicing the day to day needs of the resident population.  They also assist in creating interesting, vibrant and liveable communities.

To remain viable, these centres will need to adapt and change to meet changing economic markets and the changing shopping habits of the local community.

Council seeks to support the continued enhancement of lively urban environments with convenient shops and business and mixed-use development opportunities, such as combining residential and commercial premises, close to services and public transport. 

For this to happen Council is reviewing the planning policies we currently use in the assessment of development proposals for our retail, commercial and business areas.   We are considering what our future planning needs are to better address the aims of the State Government’s 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.

A work in progress

Council’s current ideas on future business planning policy is contained in the ‘Approach to Mixed Use and Activity Centres DPA’ which is a work in progress and is not an endorsed document, nor has it been implemented as policy.  This work is based on the feedback that the community gave Council during the community consultation on Residential Growth in 2014.

It highlights the direction Council is currently heading in updating planning policy in our commercial and business areas to better reflect the aims and objectives of the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.

Why are you telling me about this?

Although it is a work in progress, Council seeks to inform our community on the approach that Council is taking in reviewing our existing policy.  Council is sharing knowledge on what opportunities that have been identified to both foster viable business areas within our City and address the needs of the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.

Can I have a say?

A legislative process is to be followed when any changes to planning policy are proposed, in which the Minister for Planning formally reviews a proposed draft policy before giving approval to undertake consultation with the community. 

The ideas from the ‘Approach to Mixed Use and Activity Centres DPA’ will feed into the development of a draft Development Plan Amendment (DPA) that will be presented to Council at an Ordinary Meeting for endorsement to submit to the Minister for Planning for review seeking his authorisation to formally consult with the community on the draft DPA.

At this time you will be asked to provide your feedback on the draft DPA.  Council will promote the community consultation using an advertisement in the Messenger newspaper, on Council's website, through engage.burnside and by writing to you.

When will the DPA be endorsed?

Endorsement of an amendment to a development plan is a long process undertaken over many months. 

After community consultation has been completed the draft DPA will be updated and then presented for a second time to Council at an Ordinary Meeting. 

This time Council will be endorsing the updated draft DPA to be provided to the Minister for Planning for final authorisation.  Once authorised, the City of Burnside’s current Development Plan would be revised to include policy from the new DPA.