2018/19 Annual Business Plan and Budget Adopted

Published on 27 June 2018

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Obtaining feedback from the community is a vital part of the annual business plan and budget process and it helps Council shape its priorities and make decisions.

The Annual Business Plan and Budget sets out the services, functions and projects that the City of Burnside will provide to our community in the 2018/19 financial year and the corresponding proposed increase in rates needed to deliver these services.

The highlights of the 2018/19 Annual Business Plan and Budget are:

• 2.70 per cent average rate increase which is lower than the Local Government Price Index.

• There will be no reduction in services or levels - Council will maintain its 118 services.

• $0.4m in new services and projects such as implementing the Canopy Action Plan, continued work on the Efficiency and Effectiveness

Program, and a Placemaking Grants Pilot Project.

• $0.6m in targeted savings.

• $4.7m investment in new or upgrade capital projects such as the Constable Hyde Memorial Garden Redevelopment project, Conyngham

Street Depot development, and the Magill Village Redevelopment.

• $10.3m investment in renewal and replacement capital projects such as continuing the renewal of the Burnside Library collection, creek

rehabilitation works, footpath and kerb renewals.

Read the adopted 2018/19 Annual Business Plan and Budget and find out about the community engagement process in the Related Information section.

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