Generator use in Burnside Parks

Published on 20 January 2017

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Generator use in Burnside Parks

Council hires Tusmore Park Oval and Kensington Gardens Reserve to customers for private events. These events can include equipment that requires the use of petrol and diesel operated generators (catering vendor trucks, bouncing castles etc).

Over a  weekend in November 2016 a hirer set up generators in Tusmore Park on the fence line of private residences at Heathpool causing distress for the residents of the adjacent street. 

Burnside CEO, Paul Deb, said that as a consequence of this incident, these residents signed a petition and asked Council to reconsider how petrol and diesel operated generators, used by hirers, are managed in the park. These residents allege that they could not entertain in their backyards as normal conversation was drowned out by generators over the entire weekend.

“We needed to find a balance between ensuring residents have a right to use their backyards in peace, and that hirers can enjoy their private events at our parks”, Mr Deb said.

“There is no intention of banning bouncing castles”.

“So we changed the way that private events are organised in our parks. Our Rangers will be on hand to help hirers place their generators where they can still have their food truck or bouncy castle, without impacting the residents that live next to the park”, Mr Deb said.


The pressure to balance the needs of everyone that uses a Burnside park is constant -  everything from bullets from nerf gun parties hitting nearby picnickers to dog clubs interrupting a wedding. 

A complaint was received from users of Hazelwood Park in late November 2016 about nerf gun bullets affecting their park experience. 

Mr Deb said that Burnside is fortunate to have beautiful parks that people from all over Adelaide come to visit.

“There are times when the parks can be very busy and users need to be mindful of everyone in the park”, Mr Deb said.

“If there is a complaint from a member of the community, we need to respond and try to find a balance for all users,” Mr Deb said.

“In the instance of nerf bullets affecting other park users, our Ranger asked the group to stop using the nerf guns and I understand that there were other activities that this group moved on to as part of their event”, Mr Deb said.


For more information on the use of generators in Burnside parks see a report that will be tabled at the next meeting on Council on 24 January in the meeting agenda here

More information on the Local Government Land by-law that guides the use of parks in Burnside can be found here