Council By-law Review - Have Your Say

Published on 09 July 2018


Council by-laws are local laws established by councils to deal with issues specific to the relevant council area and to manage the convenience, comfort and safety of the community.

The City of Burnside has seven by-laws that specifically address issues identified as requiring Council management and resourcing.

The Local Government Act 1999 provides that the Council is required to review its by-laws every seven years. By-law No. 1-6 will expire on 1 January 2019 warranting this current review. By-law No. 7 is four years old but is being reviewed now for efficiency and to bring it in-line with the timing of the original six By-laws.

Part of the review process is to seek feedback on these by-laws from our community. 

The By-laws that Council is reviewing include:

By-law No. 1 - Permits and Penalties 

By-law No. 2 - Moveable Signs 

By-law No. 3 - Local Government Land 

By-law No. 4 - Roads 

By-law No. 5 - Dogs 

By-law No. 6 - Waste Management 

By-law No. 7 - Lodging Houses 

Have Your Say by 5 pm Monday 30 July 2018. 

Copies of the proposed By-laws are available for inspection at the Civic Centre Customer Service Desk located at 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore, during ordinary office hours. 

Alternatively, they can be downloaded on or Council's website. 

Submissions are to be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Burnside, and are to be marked 'Submission - Draft By-laws' by:

  • post to Box 9, Glenside SA 5065
  • by fax to 8366 4299
  • by email to 

Submissions can also be made online at