Future of the Civic Centre

Published on 02 March 2020

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The Burnside Civic Centre site is the most significant community service centre, facility hub and asset of the City of Burnside.

Located at the corner of Greenhill and Portrush Roads, the Centre is the main administrative and service centre for the Council. The 15,900m² site includes: Council Chambers, Burnside Library and Community Centre, Burnside Ballroom, staff offices, a café, gardens and car parking.

One role of Council is to ensure that its assets and services are being used in a way that delivers the best community value and responds to changing community needs and aspirations. To this end Council is wanting to understand from the community if the Burnside Civic Centre site is being used in the best way, and are there ways through which the value it provides to the community can be increased?

Council is seeking feedback from our community to understand:

How the community currently uses the Civic Centre site.

What does the community value about their experience at the Civic centre and why.

What would the community like to do or see at the Civic Centre site in the future?

The results of this engagement will be used to inform future service and facility reviews and projects at the site.

Now is your chance to have input on the future uses of the Civic Centre. Have your say using the online survey .


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