Happy New Year and Greetings from the Mayor

Published on 03 January 2020


A New Start: As we enter a new year and a new decade, we also enter a new beginning for Burnside Council, with our new Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chris Cowley, commencing on the 13th January. The elected members and staff look forward to a positive and progressive future working together to serve you.

Thanks for your help: Tragedy ended 2019 with bushfires in the Adelaide Hills and our courageous Burnside CFS members putting in many hours of volunteering service to protect families and defend properties in the Cudlee Creek fires. My thanks go to all of these men and women who gave service, as well as to some of our staff and many Burnside residents and community groups who helped with the cleanup and supported residents in these ill-fated areas. A few other small fires also began in the Burnside area in Gandy’s Gully and on Mt Osmond but were fortunately extinguished before spreading. 

Many thanks to all members of the public... those ‘wildlife warriors’ who have also been helping injured or thirsty animals and birds throughout these past horrific weeks, and continue to do so, by placing bowls of water to assist their survival. My appreciation to all residents who have checked on their neighbours, particularly the older, frail or disabled in our community who have been feeling the heat. Please continue to do so.

The heroic efforts of our volunteer firefighters across the country began the new year, with the horrendous fires interstate and in other parts of this state. Our hearts go out to all those affected by these fires, and I hope that you can find ways to continue to support them long after the initial impact. I remember the impact of the Ash Wednesday fires in 1983, and the effects of these fires still impact on the lives of many to this day.

Into the 2020s: Looking forward into this new decade, I want to encourage all residents, homeowners, students, business owners to be positive and proactive in their communities. 

As a council that proudly proclaimed a state of ‘climate emergency’ last year, I know that this council will continue to look at ways we can lead the community into the future in this direction. We can help in so many ways to ensure a better environment. We all can use water responsibly, look after the environment respectfully, care for our trees, sort and dispose of waste practically and sensibly, keep your gardens free from overgrown, dry combustible material and pick up after your dog in parks and on public property.

Please continue that amazing tradition of volunteering that places us among the best in the state. We have so many great service clubs, sporting organisations, social, cultural and environmental groups and individuals who do so much to support others.

Strategic Plan: This year Burnside Council will develop its new Strategic Plan and we want you to be involved in the vision, so I hope you have completed the survey form and sent it in to Council. If not, you can always write to council and submit ideas you have for the future vision for Burnside. Further consultation will take place later in the year. This Strategic Plan will provide this council and the next with the vision and direction upon which decisions about our future will be made. It is really important to have your say. Local government is closest to you.

State Planning: At the State government level, big decisions will be made in the first part of this year that will have critical and long term impact on us all. The State Planning Commission will introduce policies that will affect property development, heritage conservation, tree planting, and all planning applications both in the process and policy decision-making. It is not too late to have your say in this consultation that goes on until the end of February. Burnside Council has been proactive in this area and has been providing submissions to the Commission. There will be opportunities for further resident information and involvement through meetings soon to be announced in different locations and at different times in early February. Watch this website for further details.  

Good health and happiness: Having good health is so important to the quality of life and the City of Burnside recognises this through its policies and practices. Providing opportunities for emotional, physical and social health and safety is paramount as we venture into this new decade. Most of what council does contributes to our health and wellbeing. So finally, I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2020.

Best wishes to all,

Mayor Anne Monceaux

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